Thursday, 24 July 2014

9 Motivational Sticky Notes everyone should have

Life often teach you lot of things in different ways when we fail at certain things. Failure can make you unhappy & depressed. It can feel like the end of the world; but there is quote which goes something like 

"what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger".

It just makes you stronger and nothing else. You learn something new & useful. But to realize these on those situations can be little tough. So how about sticking some notes in your house or workplace to get daily motivation?

Everyone has sticky notes in their houses and offices nowadays. How about getting some inspiration from it? If you don't have it, you can buy them in any stationary shop and doesn't cost much or you can do some crazy & unique paper cutting if that is convenient.

Write down your goals & your favorite motivational quotes on it that works best for you. You can put up these sticky notes on your Fridge, study table, your mirror, office table etc,. wherever you can catch them on daily basis.
Following are my 9 favorite motivational quotes & success key words up on my study table. I wake up every morning, read them and set the tone of my day: 

1. Compete with yourself & not Competition. 
    Be your own challenge. Become better than what you were yesterday. Break your own records and compete with yourself and one day you will be successful.

2. Face your Fear
    If you fear something, you should do it. Facing your fear is the best way to overcome it.

3. Hard work beats Talent
    Never rely on talent, if there is no hard work, you can never succeed.

4. Accept people & situations as they are; give respect
    You have no control over other people and situations. You can only control your reactions towards them. You be what you really are and give respect to others.

5. Forgive, Spread Love & Happiness, be nice & give your 100%

6. Believe in yourself 
    If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.

7. Anything & everything is possible

8. Have goals not excuses

9. Thoughts are in direct proportion with destiny, 
follow your heart & Intuition &
be grateful (gratitude)

If you have any other quotes that you like, I'd love to know. Share them in the comments. :)

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